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The FM | Financial Management magazine podcast features conversations with executives and thought leaders in management accounting.

We discuss topics including governance, risk management, performance management, technology, corporate strategy, and leadership.

Interviews are conducted by FM editors and contributors.

Jul 14, 2021

When finance and accounting professionals think about ESG, it shouldn’t be limited to churning out sustainability reports. To enable real change in a company’s impact on environmental, social, and governance issues, they need to be part and parcel of long-term strategy. But how can that be done?

In this episode, we hear from Michael Bueker, senior vice-president of finance for Middle East markets at Siemens Energy. The company’s businesses are in both traditional fossil fuel and renewable energy. Embedding ESG in its strategy means having internal ESG targets that are tied to KPIs, such as executive compensation, and, externally, incorporating ESG into its product and service offerings, such as providing low-carbon energy options to its customers.