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The FM | Financial Management magazine podcast features conversations with executives and thought leaders in management accounting.

We discuss topics including governance, risk management, performance management, technology, corporate strategy, and leadership.

Interviews are conducted by FM editors and contributors.

Jun 10, 2020

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Many organisations have had to rethink their business continuity plans in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic — if they had a plan to begin with. Cecilia Locati, FCMA, CGMA, the founder of consulting company Internal Control Toolbox, has worked with organisations of many types, and she shares where they fall on the spectrum between “no plan” and “world-class plan”. She describes the key traits of a strong plan, the human obstacles to such plans, and more in this episode. What you’ll learn from this episode: - What a business continuity plan should include. - The obstacles companies face in carrying out a business continuity plan. - The importance of being generic and specific at the same time in putting together a business continuity plan. - How human biases sometimes get in the way of strong planning.